A few different modern finishes paint/paste in metallic or matt, applied by different tools, Stencilling, Stippling, Rag rolling, Dragging, Combing, Sponging technique can create unique interior walls or furniture decoration by use:


Decorative metallic or matt finish with a rough effect, single-component, neutral, waterborne, containing metallic pigments and crystal micro-spheres, to be painted at the moment of application. An iridescent effect of light and shadow, a pleasant tactile effect and the slight shimmering of the light reflecting spheres create an elegant and refined environment. The artistry and technique of the decorator, as well as the appropriate tools, will create exclusive and unique patterns and effects.


Karisma is a synthetic, semi-dense decorative finish in the form of paste, ready to use, for interiors, ideal for the realization of thick and textured decorative effects. The colour, based on neutral white, allows the realization of countless shades of your choice. Also, thanks to the possibility of applying overglazes, both in pastel and in metallic colours, can create truly unique environments.


Decorative finish – metallic, smooth, neutral, shiny, single-component, waterborne, with metallic pigments to be painted at the time of the application. Given its metallic and shiny appearance, if the product is applied in full colour, it is ideal for decorating modern style interiors and exteriors. It is possible to effect metallic overglazes by diluting the product to the concentration of 50%


VELVET is a decorative finish in the form of paste, ready to use, to be applied with a spatula on internal walls which are in an excellent condition. The specialist techniques of application create elegant interiors, producing a warm and soft sensation of silk, with light and dark tones, typical of the stucco work, enriched by metal foil.