Project Name 2

Examples of sample board created by product from ‘Proton’ Luxury Decorative Paint – stone decor Product description: STONEDECOR is a decorative stucco in paste, with the final matt appearance, based on lime, to be used for external and internal surfaces, consisting of the marble powder of the selected granulometry just below 1 mm, inorganic pigments and organic binder in the concentration not exceeding 5%. STONEDECOR, carefully designed to meet the requirements of an experienced and demanding decorator, is easily applied with different application techniques. It may be molded and shaped according to the taste and inspiration of the decorator, in order to obtain special and exclusive decorative texture effects, often unique. Its chemical and physical nature also makes it anti-mold and anti-algae, compatible with sustainable building and construction rules, as it is a natural mineral product, ideal for the restoration of old historical buildings. Application area: STONEDECOR may be applied directly on clean plaster, on solid or old paint (e.g. lime, silicates etc.), provided that they are absorbent and non-chalking. If the surface is chalked, it should be first consolidated with PRIMER HP P05, diluted with water in the proportion 1:1. STONEDECOR is a highly breathable product. In the case in which it is applied outdoors, bathrooms, it is necessary to protect it with DECORVELATURA like in shower area but protected with two component sealer PROSEAL TOP. All created with the thought of interior decoration available to deliver to your home door, all pattern can be match to your needs in full colour pallet. Also can offer prepare some different sample on your request. Price range 80£-450£ per sqm