Velvet – by Proton Luxury Decorative Paint

Technical data sheet

VELVET is a decorative finish in the form of paste, ready to use, to be applied with a spatula on internal walls which are in an excellent condition. The specialist techniques of application create elegant interiors, producing a warm and soft sensation of silk, with light and dark tones, typical of the stucco work, enriched by metal foil.

The application with a paintbrush, after diluting the product with water (30%), allows creating simple but sumptuous silk effects, which can decorate the internal walls with taste and refinement. Manufactured in metallic colours: Sylver (Silver), Oro (Gold), Alluminio (Aluminium), Rosso Rubino (Ruby), Rame (Copper); Bronzo (Bronze).

Technical characteristics:

– binding agent: Polyvinyl binding agent in emulsion (50%)

– viscosity brookfield cps 12000

– specific weight kg/L 0.85 +/– 0.05

– dry residue % 45 +/-2

– thinner: water

– dust-free drying phase; minutes: 15 at 20°C.

– dry-to-touch drying phase; minutes: 30-40

– dry-through drying phase; hours: 4-6

– dry-to-recoat drying phase; hours: 8

 Dilution and Application:

VELVET is applied with a spatula on the surface which has already been treated with PRIMER S, already coloured. Add the necessary quantity of pigment in the selected colour, mix and apply two coats at an interval of 6-8 hours.

If finishing is carried out using a paintbrush, dilute the product with water (30%) and apply two coats of the product on the surface, at an interval of 6-8 hours, in order to obtain the desired effect.


8-10 m2/L for two coats of the product


Store the product in a tightly closed container, in a well protected place, away from the abrupt changes of temperature, avoid frost (minimum temperature: 5°C).


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