Didema – by Proton Luxury Decorative Paints

Technical data sheet

Decorative metallic or matt finish with a rough effect, single-component, neutral, waterborne, containing metallic pigments or come in matt base (arch) and crystal micro-spheres, to be painted at the moment of application. Easy to apply and with excellent workability, may be applied by a sole operator, seamlessly and without visible points at which the strokes are resumed. An iridescent effect of light and shadow, a pleasant tactile effect and the slight shimmering of the light reflecting spheres create an elegant and refined environment. The artistry and technique of the decorator, as well as the appropriate tools, will create exclusive and unique patterns and effects.

Manufactured in metallic colours: Sylver (Silver), Oro (Gold), Alluminio (Aluminium), Rosso Rubino (Ruby), Rame (Copper); Bronzo (Bronze) iridescent version is available as well Colour charts available

Technical characteristics:

 – binding agent: Polyvinyl binding agent in emulsion (50%)

– viscosity brookfield cps 6000

– specific weight kg/L 1.2 +/– 0.05

– dry residue % 55 +/– 2

– appearance of the coating: shiny

– thinner: water

– dust-free drying phase; minutes: 15 at 20°C.

– dry-to-touch drying phase; minutes: 30-40

– dry-through drying phase; hours: 4-6

– dry-to-recoat drying phase; hours: 8

 Dilution and Application:

DIADEMA is applied using a paintbrush or, possibly, other alternative equipment, on the surface which has already been treated with PRIMER L, already coloured.

Add the necessary quantity of pigment in the selected colour, mix and apply two coats at an interval of 6-8 hours.


6 m2/L for two coats of the product


Store the product in a tightly closed container, in a well protected place, away from the abrupt changes of temperature, avoid frost (minimum temperature: 5°C).

Marmorino – by Proton Luxury Decorative Paints

Technical Data Sheet

  1. Product description:

MARMORINO is decorative stucco for external and internal surfaces, consisting of fine-grained marble powders, pure mineral substances, inorganic pigments and organic binder in the concentration of 5%, with matt and semi-shiny final appearance.

Its chemical and physical nature makes it anti-mold and anti-algae, compatible with sustainable building and construction rules, as it is a natural mineral product, ideal for the restoration of old historical buildings.

  1. Application area:

MARMORINO may be applied directly on clean plaster, on solid or old paint (e.g. lime, silicates etc.), provided that they are absorbent and non-chalking.

If the surface is chalked, it should be first consolidated with PRIMER HP P05, diluted with water in the proportion 1:1.

  1. Product characteristics:

Technical details:

  • specific weight: 1.64 kg/L
  • Vapour permeability resistance sd < 0.02 m
  • Organic additives: < 5 %
  1. Surface preparation:

The surface for the application has to be mineral, solid, dry and absorbent. Remove detaching and deteriorated parts. Eliminate algae, fungi and mosses, old organic paints or any micro-cracks by applying one coat of PRIMER S P02.

  1. Application:

MARMORINO is ready to use. It only has to be slowly stirred before use.

The application is carried out with a stainless steel spatula, in two or more coats, at an interval of 6-8 hours. After the material has set, i.e. after approximately 5 hours, or on the next day, it needs to be vigorously abraded with a stainless steel spatula until obtaining the desired matt and semi-shiny effect.

MARMORINO is a highly breathable product. In order to apply it outdoors it is necessary to protect it against adverse weather conditions by applying one coat of DECORVELATURA.

  1. Conditions of the application:

Do not apply the product at the temperatures below + 8°C of the air and of the surface, both during the application and during the drying phase. Do not apply it in strong sunlight or on the surfaces strongly overheated by the sunlight, rain and/ or wind.

  1. Consumption:

used for the surface preparation and base: ca. 0.400 kg/m2.

used on smooth plaster ca: 0.200 kg/m2 per coat.

However, the exact valuation is possible only after analysing the samples.

  1. Cleaning the accessories:

Immediately after use, with water.

  1. Packaging:

Buckets: 8 kg and 24 kg

  1. Storage:

12 months in a warehouse, in a cool and dry place and in closed containers. Avoid frost. Protect against heat and direct exposure to sunlight.

  1. Example of a specification text

Application of MARMORINO: it is to be applied in at least three coats of the thickness necessary to obtain the desired finishing effect, and it has to be smoothed until obtaining a smooth and specular surface. In the case of the external surfaces exposed to adverse weather conditions, such surfaces have to be protected by further final application of DECORVELATURA, including materials and labour and excluding scaffoldings and surface preparation.


Procrete Microcement – by Proton Luxury Decorative Paint

MICROCEMENT is a mineral-based hybridized Portland cement coating system designed to create the effect of concrete on horizontal and vertical surfaces of ideal continuous type for including bathrooms and shower interior environments, concrete stairs and build in kitchens. Is it mostly common with 2-3 mm thickness with high abrasion resistance. Also with fiberglass mesh on the floor area to give a extra strengthening on the surface. Recommended cover with transparent two parts sealer. Can be applied over most substrates such as ceramic tiles, concrete slabs, plaster, drywall, wood, mdf and laminates giving tired old surfaces the fresh look and feel of modern design style.