Didema – by Proton Luxury Decorative Paints

Technical data sheet

Decorative metallic or matt finish with a rough effect, single-component, neutral, waterborne, containing metallic pigments or come in matt base (arch) and crystal micro-spheres, to be painted at the moment of application. Easy to apply and with excellent workability, may be applied by a sole operator, seamlessly and without visible points at which the strokes are resumed. An iridescent effect of light and shadow, a pleasant tactile effect and the slight shimmering of the light reflecting spheres create an elegant and refined environment. The artistry and technique of the decorator, as well as the appropriate tools, will create exclusive and unique patterns and effects.

Manufactured in metallic colours: Sylver (Silver), Oro (Gold), Alluminio (Aluminium), Rosso Rubino (Ruby), Rame (Copper); Bronzo (Bronze) iridescent version is available as well Colour charts available

Technical characteristics:

 – binding agent: Polyvinyl binding agent in emulsion (50%)

– viscosity brookfield cps 6000

– specific weight kg/L 1.2 +/– 0.05

– dry residue % 55 +/– 2

– appearance of the coating: shiny

– thinner: water

– dust-free drying phase; minutes: 15 at 20°C.

– dry-to-touch drying phase; minutes: 30-40

– dry-through drying phase; hours: 4-6

– dry-to-recoat drying phase; hours: 8

 Dilution and Application:

DIADEMA is applied using a paintbrush or, possibly, other alternative equipment, on the surface which has already been treated with PRIMER L, already coloured.

Add the necessary quantity of pigment in the selected colour, mix and apply two coats at an interval of 6-8 hours.


6 m2/L for two coats of the product


Store the product in a tightly closed container, in a well protected place, away from the abrupt changes of temperature, avoid frost (minimum temperature: 5°C).